What does  erasmus+ – ka1 mobility for learning finance?

Mobility projects including the participation to STRUCTURED COURSES in one of Countries participating to the European programme (28 UE member States, Iceland, Turkey, Liechtenstein, Former Republic of Macedonia, Norway) aimed at improving competencies of the teaching and not teaching school staff (the head teacher, teachers, the technical-administrative staff) and strengthening the quality of teaching and learning.


Who can apply?

All schools providing general, professional or technical education at any level, from the pre-school education to the high education can apply. Single applications are not admitted, namely submitted by single teachers.

What a mobility project foresees?

The school can submit a financing application for a project which can foresee different activity types with a different duration, different destinations, different participants according to the training needs of the school. The application form requires the definition of a European Development Plan concerning the description of the training needs, the relevance of activities foreseen for the single participants and for the school and the expected impact on the teaching and training quality. However it is evident as the definition of a project proposal should be in line with the training needs of participants and with the internal internationalization plans, competencies development and modernization of the proponent school. A mobility project is composed by the following stages that should be described in the application:

  • Preparation stage: includes the participants selection, the linguistic/intercultural preparation before the departure if needed;
  • Implementation stage: implementation of mobility activities;
  • Followup: it includes the validation of activities, the recognition of learning results of participants, the diffusion and the use of project results.

What are the admissible participant organizations?

The sending organization has to be a school which is responsible for the application, the signing and the management of the grant agreement and for the preparation of the final reports.
The hosting organization is a course provider and it is charged with receiving teachers and other type of school personnel and offering an activities programme. It can be also Italian but it has to implement the training activity in one of the EU countries and it does not need to be indicated at the project submission phase. The hosting organization can  be in fact individuated in a following phase to  the project approval and to the obtainment of the financing by the National Agencies.

What is the requested number of participant organizations?

The mobility activity has to involve at least two participant organizations (at least a sending organization and an hosting organization) of different countries. It is not needed that the hosting organization is identified at the submission of the application.

Where the mobility project will be held?

The mobility activities have to be held abroad, in a Country participating to the Programme.

How long is a mobility project?

1 or 2 years and the mobility activities can have a variable duration from 2 days to 2 months.

What are the eligible costs?

The school which submit its own application can require a grant to cover the following costs: Travel; Organizational Support (includes the pre-departure preparation and the monitoring of results); Individual Support (includes the accommodation costs); course fee; support to people with special needs.

How to submit the application?

The application has to be submitted to the concerned National Agency

Which deadlines are?

Applicants have to submit their application within 2nd February at 12,00 (midday, Bruxelles time) for projects starting on 1st June of the same year.


How to apply?

  • Obtain the PIC code identifying each applicant and valid for all the Erasmus+ applications;
  • Fill in the application form (e-form) in one of the official languages of the European Union;
  • Send the e-form in the electronic format.

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